Merlin, the Wizard

Merlin is seal point mitted male this strong bone structure and sweet disposition. He has fathered many healthy and beautiful kittens and even helped to raise and socialize them. 


Here is Merlin helping his son to develop very important skill - scratching a scratch post. To keep the furniture safe, a few scratching posts and pads need to be around the house.


We took Merlin to the cat show, but he didn't like it. He really prefers the peace and comfort of his room.


DGC Rags2Riches Artur

Artur is TICA Double Grand Champion of 2015. He is blue point bicolor male with great personality. 


Here are Artur's awards. Unfortunately, we do not participate in the cat shows any longer, but Artur had the potential to achieve much more. At this time, he is enjoying home life and the company of our girls.


SunnyShores Braveheart

Braveheart is our youngest male. He is seal point mitted lynx. He has great markings, gorgeous blue eyes and we are looking forward to see his babies.


Here is Braveheart snuggled up by the Christmas tree, displaying his puffy tail to the girls.