Our cats are our family members and have never been caged. Our queens and kittens are free to stay and play in any room of the house, except the "boys room" where our males are reside. They are "inside only "cats, and are provided with lots of toys to play with and cat trees to climb upon. They love to look out of the windows, watching for lizards and birds. They also love trying to catch the occasional golf ball rolling across the TV screen in our living room .  


Here is our Blue Point Mitted queen Desdemona.​

If cats really do live 9 lives, then in her previous life, Desi must have been an opera singer. She expresses her happiness by serenading us with her warm and tender songs. She has mothered some of our most beautiful blue colored kittens.


Meet our honey  - CajunRagdolls Ewa. If there was more space allowed for a name - she would have been named "Christmas Gift" because she really was our Christmas gift. We are forever grateful to her breeder Anne Paule, the owner of CajunRagdolls cattery for trusting us this awesome kitty! Ewa's robust body type and unique personality are absolute assets to our breeding program.


Seal point mitted princess Cinderella - she is so smart and funny! Cinderella is daughter of Ewa and Artur and has became first time mommy. Recently, Cinderella had litter of gorgeous, adorable kittens with awesome personality, just like momma.


Here is our sassy young lady Marusia. She has great personality, sweet and docile. Her body type and robust health will be so much appreciated in the future kittens. Marusia is daughter of CajunRagdolls Ewa and SunnyShores Braveheart.


This is our Aphrodite! Gorgeous queen and queen she is! Very lovable and loving, trusting angel, Aphrodite is daughter of our Desdemona and Double Grand Champion Rags2Riches Artur.